English Festival 2024: Ignite Your English Spark, Unleash Your Inner Talent


The Global Madani Education Foundation successfully organized the first English Festival 2024 on February 17, 2024, at the Graha Universitas Almadani. The event was attended by the entire academic community of the Global Madani Education Foundation who had successfully participated in the English for Teachers program activities conducted every semester. With the theme “Ignite Your English Spark, Unleash Your Inner Talent,” English Festival 2024 aims to encourage the academic community of the Yayasan Pendidikan Global Madani to enhance their English language proficiency and to showcase their talents and potentials in various English-related fields. Additionally, this event is expected to inspire and motivate all members of the YPGM academic community to nurture their potentials. Following the success of this event, the foundation has announced plans to make the English Festival an annual program on its academic calendar.

Following the lively opening, the English Festival 2024 continued with remarks from the founder of the Global Madani Education Foundation, providing inspiration and motivation to all participants to make the most of this opportunity. Subsequently, a report was delivered by the leader of the Global Madani Language Center, offering an overview of the progress and achievements in the English language learning program conducted thus far.

After the formal sessions, the atmosphere became even more vibrant with the Flippity Game, an interactive game designed to test participants’ understanding and English language skills in an enjoyable and challenging manner. The spotlight then shifted to the English Got Talent segment, where participants were given the platform to showcase their talents in various English-related fields such as singing, dancing, public speaking, story telling or even demonstrating unique language skills.

Following the captivating performances, it was time to announce the winners of the various competitions held. The announcement of the winners served not only as a significant moment for the champions but also as an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the efforts and talents displayed by all participants.

The aspiration for English Festival 2024 is that it becomes more than just a one-time event but an integral part of ongoing efforts in the professional development of teachers and students at the Global Madani Education Foundation. Through active participation in this event, it is hoped that teachers and students can continue to hone their English language skills and discover and develop new talents related to the language. Additionally, English Festival 2024 is also anticipated to be a significant milestone in enhancing the role of global education and language in the Global Madani curriculum, which is one aspect of the Nine Aspects of SGM Enriched Curriculum (NASEC). By strengthening the commitment to English language teaching and student talent development, Yayasan Pendidikan Global Madani can better equip the younger generation to be proficient individuals, globally aware, and prepared to excel in an increasingly interconnected global landscape.

Writer : Fita Lianasari, S.S

Editor : M. Ramadhan, S.Pd

Documentation :

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