ORIESIS SMA GLOBAL MADANI 2020 “Angkatan Sepuluh, Bersama Tumbuh Menjadi Pribadi Tangguh”


The Academic Year 2020/2021 is a special year especially for the new students of SMA Global Madani Batch 10. The activities of Oriesis (Student Orientation) this year are even more different than the previous years because it was organized virtually through Zoom Meetings. Alhamdulillah, the Oriesis activities held on Monday and Tuesday, July 13-14, 2020 ran very smoothly. The first day of Oriesis was successfully opened by the Chief of Yayasan Pendidikan Global Madani, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Abdul Kadir Salam, M.Sc. Having been introduced to the teachers and staffs of SMA GM, the students learned Code of Conduct of Global Madani, delivered by the Principal of SMA GM, Ust. Rofi Darojat, Lc., M.H., so they can adapt and implement the academic culture so well.

On the second day, Tuesday, July 14, 2020, Oriesis was started by giving a game as a challenge to the students to review the materials they learned on the first day through Quizziz. All students were very enthusiastic about this game. What a fun game to start the day! Then the Vice Principal of Curriculum Affair, Irayanti, S.Pd. delivered NASEC and Fun Learning in SMA Global Madani. She introduced the students what and how Nine Aspects of SGM Enriched Curriculum (NASEC) works in our learning process. How about learning during this pandemics? She also explained about it.

The activities of Oriesis this year was then closed with a prayer and announcement of class placement. It also marked that the students of batch X were officially extended to the big family of SMA Global Madani, to enjoy their study and make their dreams come true.


Selamat Datang Angkatan Sepuluh!

Bersama kita tumbuh, menjadi pribadi tangguh,

Insan Islami Cerdas Bermartabat!


Writer: Fudy Isrowanti, S.ST., Gr.

Editor: Syofian Hadi, S.Pd., Gr.

Upload by Fendy Afif Affandy, S.Kom.

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